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Check out the latest personal development podcast from Jaemin Frazer - The insecurity project. 

A combination of interviews with experts, live coaching sessions and 10 minute Tuesday's - All with the intention of helping you overcome the fear of not being enough. 







Insecurity is something we all battle on some level. 

Underneath EVERY relational, emotional, social, physical and even financial issue is some kind of limiting belief about our own value and worth. 

Insecurities are like the handbrake that severely limits your ability to flourish in life. 

Therefore, to leave insecurity festering beneath the surface becomes incredibly costly for every area of life! It is out of our insecurities that we end up consistently hurting ourselves and those around us. It causes us to act out of our ego in attempt to defend and prove ourselves to the world. 

It is an epidemic of insecurity that is responsible for much of the madness in the world today. 

Left untreated it will destroy you. 

Most people are too afraid of delving into the fear of their own inadequacy and so try and suppress their insecurity in the hope it can be controlled or managed. Yet, inevitably our insecurities cannot be contained, they must be faced. The beautiful thing is that the moment you find the courage to do so, you discover they are works of fiction. You have always been enough and always will be. 

It is possible to live your life without insecurity.  Let me show you how. 

The "Overcoming insecurity flow chart" 

All the major problems you are facing in your life are ultimately caused by insecurity.

It is the biggest issue of our world today and overcoming insecurity is the most important work we will ever do in our lives.  

There is a clear and effective framework for overcoming insecurity. Grab your copy of the free flow chart to discover exactly where you are now and the very next step you need to take to keep moving forward.

The flow chart will help you to find out exactly where you are in the process, and the very next step you need to take to eradicate insecurity from your life. 

Develop a believable plan to overcome all insecurity.

To succeed in any area of life, all you really need is the proven framework and someone skilful enough to hold you in the right space until you get the desired results. 

The overcoming insecurity flow chart will show you the exact process to remove all levels and layers of insecurity from your life. 

You'll discover where you are currently, and the very next step you need to take to keep moving forward. 


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