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“Jaemin’s One Minute Coach is now a daily benchmark for our station, it’s presented in a friendly way and speaks of relevant, real life issues that empowers our listeners to live the life they we’re called to” Scott Curtis. Life FM Adelaide

  • 96.5 Family FM Brisbane
  • 91.9 Fresh FM (Gladstone)
  • Rhema FM Sunshine Coast
  • Way FM Launceston
  • 98.9 Light FM Melbourne
  • Riverland Life FM
  • Life FM Adelaide
  • Spiritoz.FM (Victor Harbour SA)   
  • Lime FM (Mt Gambier SA)
  • 96three FM Geelong
  • Juice 107.3FM Gold Coast


"Jaemin, your One Minute Coach radio spots are GREAT.  Some of the best spots I've heard in 8 years on Lightfm... and I've heard a lot! Your content is always inspiring, current and relatable." Lucy Holmes




Jaemin is one of the leading personal development experts in Australia with a specific focus on helping people to irradicate insecurity from their life.  He is the author or Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems and the voice behind the “One minute coach” radio/podcast segments. He has been actively helping people bring about transformational change in their lives through coaching, mentoring and various leadership roles for over 20 years. Jaemin is a gifted communicator and a master trainer with a passion to help people really find themselves. He currently lives in Goulburn, Australia with his wife and two kids.


Luke Charlton: Editor-in-Chief Nationally Recognized Business Coach for Coaches, Intnl. Speaker, Author, Editor-in-Chief, I Love Coaching Magazine .Com
Jaemin is a VERY accomplished Coach. His ability get to the real 'core' of the problem (and not the problem you think it is) is incredible. Being a Coach myself, I understand to be able to do this takes many many hours of Coaching and dedication to your work.
Not only does Jaemin help you get to the real core of the problem though, he also helps you move through it i
n a way that's right for you. And that's the only way you can make real change. 
I want to thank you Jaemin. Our time together was EXACTLY what I needed and for anyone looking to be Coached by him I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Donatella Canella, PhD, CPCC 
"If you are looking for someone that is fully committed to You and passionate about making You succeed, then you should work with Jaemin. Within one coaching session, Jaemin was able to take me from a place of confusion and uncertainty to a place of opportunities, self-confidence and high energy. What a gift! Thank you, Jaemin!"

Robert Holmes,  CEO Frazer Holmes Coaching
Jaemin is a master in the art of coaching. What he doesn't know about human performance and life transformation is not worth knowing. Jaemin brings the dimensions of spirituality, underlying belief and personal formation to his coaching and is always there to serve the client.

LeeLou Lou,  
If you are struggling in ANY area of your life, be it personal, relationships, professional, business etc - You will definitely benefit from the work of Jaemin Frazer. His is definitely the very best growth-mindset coach I have been blessed to discover out of many! 




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  • A magnificent book, clear concise and beautifully simple in structure and razor in content. One of the most profound readings I have undertaken and as or more impacting than Covey’s masterpiece. Leith
  • "It's the cheat notes for every Tony Robbin's course you've wanted to do" MJ
  • This book is a game changer!  The frameworks within these pages are the blueprint to making permanent and lasting change and they are super simple to understand.  Jaemin knows how to help you live a life on purpose and if you really want to change your life for the better, then this book is must read.” Bryce
  • "When I finished reading this book for the 2nd time I instantly kissed it!" Mick 
  • "In the top 5 personal development books I've ever read" Chris
  • "I've ready a lot of self help books, this one just cuts through all the fluff. Its like having cheat notes for every major self help topic you've come across or are experiencing. Like Tony Robbins but without all the ra ra!" Maurice
  • "Every time I pick it up I find some new pearl of wisdom! So so good.Phil
  • "A great book- should be on every coach's desk." Warren
  • "A valuable resource that I expect to return to again and again in the future." Matt
  • "It’s a book I eagerly read from cover to cover and I go back to flick through it often." Sarah
  • "Like opening up a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle and finding half the puzzle already solved. It was simply a fantastic read at the perfect time for me." Shane