Kick insecurity in the arse with the 30 day bootcamp

Feeling Lost?

At a crossroads?  

Not where you expected to be?

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Overcome insecurity with the 30 day online coaching program

Overcome insecurity with the 30 day online coaching program

Online coaching

The 30 day program combines a proven framework plus high quality personal coaching to get clear results fast

Replace your insecurity with confidence, clarity and peace so that you are able to make lasting progress in the areas of life that are most important to you.

  • Delivered with the flexibility of online modules
  • High quality content and proven frameworks
  • Daily coaching feedback from Jaemin
  • Weekly live group call

If you are ready to overcome your insecurities for good the 30 day bootcamp is guaranteed to get you the results you are looking for.  

This 30 Day Bootcamp has been developed to enable genuine, lasting personal transformation. It effectively combines my professional life coaching program with personal support and has the flexibility that comes with online modules. It drives  personal transformation through 

- Overcoming internal limitations in the form of doubts, insecurities and limiting beliefs
- Developing a clear sense of personal identity and purpose
- Setting believable goals and a plan for the future.


With this program you CAN transform your life in 30 Days. You’re stronger than you think


How it works

Proven professional Coaching Program via Online Modules

  • Weekly Coaching Videos
  • Daily Coaching exercises, instructions and plans
  • User friendly online platform

Personal Support

  • Daily Personal feedback & coaching on all of the answers you have submitted
  • Personal check in upon completion of the course


Additional resources

  • The overcoming insecurity flow chart
  • A free copy of "Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems

Exclusive Access to additional support

  • Weekly Q&A Group Call
  • Membership of the Find Yourself Group on Facebook

Common questions

1.     Will I see lasting change after 30 Days?

  • Yes! This course has been designed to drive transformation by dealing with the core issues and limiting beliefs that drive all dysfunction. 
  • 30 days is not a long time, but if you stick to the process every day for a month, it is it is long enough to see lasting results.  
  • Change may take a long time coming, but it happens in a moment. 
  • All you really need is the right framework and then someone to serve you by holding you in that space until you get the results you are looking for.. 


2.     What are the benefits of an Online Coaching Course?

  • It provides flexibility – you can do the modules when it suits you best & it gives you a chance to really think about what I would say rather than having the pressure to answer on the spot.
  • Doing the course online also helps you to keep track of the process and your thinking, almost like journaling, which can be really beneficial
  • Its set up so that you can work on your own challenges within the framework of a fully supported coaching program
  • I will be incredibly present through the whole process and make sure that the program works best for you. Every time you submit a response to a module I will reply to what you've written. So much of the change process happens in these back and forward conversations. 


3.     Do I need to commit to every single day? What happens if I miss a day?

  • The process is really well mapped out and allows you to catch up if you miss days. There are 5 modules per week. 


4.     How is the 30 Day Bootcamp different to other strategies?

  • Most people are trying to achieve change by just trying harder or being better. Investing more effort and energy in trying to fix behaviour is exhausting and totally ineffective. Behaviour is at the end of the assembly line in the factory of your life. When you deal with the core issues and limiting beliefs, the behaviour takes care of itself!  
  • This program has been designed to help you transform your life. There’s no behaviour management and band-aid strategies, just the best tools in the game for lasting change delivered in the safety a completely judgement free space. 


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How the bootcamp has worked for others


If you are considering it, just DO IT! AMAZING! Words cannot describe the impact the last Boot Camp has had on my life!

I was stuck in almost every area of my life. I'm a high achiever who is good at my job, but somewhere along the line I lost myself. My health, relationships and career were all suffering, But Jaemin skilful coached me through the 30 day transformation process and I made massive progress in every single area of my life that I was looking for breakthrough in. I am definitely back in the game. 


For me this process was incredibly transformational. The coaching instantly helped me look at key areas of my life and having greater self awareness in them. The bootcamp helped me to understand exactly what I'm tolerating and why. I've become aware of who I've blamed and why - and realised that responsibility is 100% mine which gives me great confidence and power to now move forward! I feel enlightened and full of hope. It's like a light bulb switched on has been switched on and it keeps getting brighter as I embrace the ability to change and be all I want to be.









Life changing! My life will never be the same again after doing the 30 day bootcamp. From the first week I was digging through roots that needed to be exposed and dealt with. Jaemin is such an empowering coach who cheers you on and holds a safe space for you to dig deeper and work through issues right till the end. From the second week on I was bouncing off the walls. No longer was I fatigued or weighed down. I am nicer to myself, my relationships are richer and when issues arise I know I am in control. I can decide how I will react and how next I want to write that story. As the character in my own story I am richer, stronger, happier and wiser. What I want in life I know go after with greater clarity, passion and determination. If you think you might be ready to take on the 30 day bootcamp – do it! Jump in with both feet and your whole heart. Your life will be changed forever. I will always be grateful to Jaemin for the 30 day bootcamp he has created, the investment I put into my life and the availability and resources Jaemin has shared with me. 


Honestly, the bootcamp is  such an eye opener into your own soul, and gives you the knowledge to kind of figure out who you want to be.  The perspectives I found once I took full ownership of my life gave me the ability to change my mindset from victim to winner.  The tough of this always seemed so complicated before doing the coaching, but now I've discovered that it is always simple and hard! Yet once you've got the tools and frameworks, lasting change becomes totally believable! 

Before starting the bootcamp, I was my own worst enemy, but now I'm learning to be my own friend.


I can honestly say I've made the money I spent on the Bootcamp back 4 times over in extra productivity. 

If you're ready to see change in your life this is for you! Whether you apply these techniques or not, you will now be aware of how we operate and be able to make decisions that can better your life in every situation possible that you may of thought wasn't possible. These are the missing ingredients to the cake you've been trying to cook!


Premium coaching sessions

Life coaching with Jaemin

Life coaching with Jaemin


To fast track your results, contact Jaemin about the possibility of working one on one with him to bring about lasting transformation in your life. 

  • Peak performace
  • High quality conversations 

  • Transformational coaching

  • Equipping you with the best tools in the game for genuine personal development