Episode 13. Anna Doecke interview

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Anna Doecke: Director, Counsellor, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker

With over 10 years’ experience working with people, Anna suffered compassion fatigue/burnout. At this point she discovered that there’s more to life than constantly going, going, going and giving into the pressures of life, feeling like she had no power or control over her own life. Through her own personal counselling journey and the work of Dr Brené Brown, Anna discovered who she truly is and gained the confidence to share that person with the world. Anna now has a Counselling and Personal Development business helping individuals and groups to be more authentic and courageous in their life. Using Self-Care concepts and the research of Brené Brown she’s choosing courage, vulnerability and living life to the fullest.

You can find Anna at https://www.journeez.com.au

The books mentioned in todays show were:

‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ by Dr Brené Brown. 

‘Renewed’ by Lucille Zimmerman

‘Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul’ by Dr Stuart Brown



Episode 10. Michael Zampogna interview

Michael Zampogna.jpg

Michael is a High School Science and Physics teacher in Goulburn, NSW.

Over the last decade, he has helped thousands of students navigate their early academic aspirations and build confidence in their ability to use knowledge to achieve their dreams.

Michael has devoted his life to the sciences working in diverse technical fields of biotech and electronics. From the prawn farms of Oahu, to the high-tech offices of Silicon Valley, he is right at home in any Science laboratory.

He earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland and his Diploma of Education from Southern Cross University.

Michael is currently developing the application, ‘JetScholar.com’ to aid student growth using the ‘mastermind principle’ to promote accountability and feedback for their academic pursuits. His upcoming book ‘Inspire’ linked to the JetScholar program is expected to be available in winter 2018

When he isn’t writing lesson plans or planning science experiments, Michael can be found riding his bicycle wherever pavement can be found.

Michael can be found on:

Instagram – mrzampogna

Twitter - @MichaelZampogna

Email – mrz@jetscholar.com


For more information about the levels of emotion mentioned in the interview, check out this link.


Episode 7. Interview with Greg Bellingham

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Greg is a change management consultant who specialises in Helping leaders and professionals with complex change challenges. 

We've been friends for over 15 years and in that time he has been the catalyst for more growth and change in my life that any other other person. 

It was a real treat to interview him over a cup of coffee and hear his thoughts on overcoming insecurity. 

"The person with no insecurity is incredibly dangerous" 

This one quote from the interview has been stuck in my head for days. 

Listen in as Greg Talks through Carl Jung's philosophy of the 3 selfs. 


For reference, the book Greg recommend is:

"Immortal Diamond - Searching for our true self."  By Richard Rohr.

Episode 6. 10 minute Tuesday - Validators

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We all want to feel significant and worth while, yet often the people who we put in charge of validating us don't do a great job. The thing is though, even when they do well in this role, it still doesn't make us feel whole. 
The key is to remove this role from anyone external and take 100% responsibility for being your own validator. 
Check out todays show to find out how. 

Episode 5. Interview with John Drury

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Hear John talk through his painful journey of self discovery and growth. 
He shares openly about the process of overcoming his own insecurity and how he became the man he is today. 

About John Drury

John is the author of 'Integrate - Why Work Life Balance is a Myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle.' http://johndrury.biz/author-3/

John’s painful personal experience with burnout while in a Senior Leadership role, and his subsequent recovery, led him to start  his own consulting business in 2010, with a clear focus to mentor high achievers (business owners and corporate executives) to a more holistic view of self-leadership.

John has developed a practical, relevant methodology that enables high achievers to pursue audacious goals without neglecting all that is precious in their world. This process enables the integration of all the elements of life into a clear and workable plan that brings clarity and peace of mind.

John Drury is a powerful Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator and Mentor. He splits his time between working with business leaders as an Executive Coach/Mentor, Facilitating Strategic Planning and Healthy Culture Processes for companies, and running Leadership and Team Training for a range of companies.

Episode 2. Interview with Troy Herfoss

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Listen in as I chat to 2015, 2016 Australian Superbike champ Troy Herfoss. Our conversation is all   about the importance of developing internal success and significance reference points and ensuring the personal beliefs you hold about yourself are not limiting peak performance in any area of live. 

Troy has had a very colourful career not just on the road race scene. He has been the Australian Supermoto Champion, multiple AMA Supermoto Champion, X Games Silver medallist, Australian Supersport Champion, 2 times Australian Superbike Champion and is also and elite cyclist competing regularly at a national level.  

Results from a recent urine sample gave conclusive evidence that when Troy gets up in the morning he pisses excellence. 

It is a great privilege to have him as my very first guest on the insecurity project.