Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems

People often experience their problems as incredibly complicated and totally unique... the amazing thing is that they are neither. While the solution may not be easy, it is certainly not complicated, and we all go through the same kind of challenges in different ways. 

This book provides an elegantly simple framework for helping people flourish. It can be applied to every area of life. In it you will discover:

- How to create massive leverage for change in your own life and with others

- The root cause of all complex people problems

- The way forward to experience hope, power and freedom

Jaemin Frazer has spent years helping people with ‘complex’ problems. His expertise has been called upon by individuals, companies and the government. This book is the culmination of his observations and discoveries around patterns of human behaviour and the core issues that drive dysfunction.


Get the paperback for $20 + postage

  Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems   Paperback $20.00 + postage

Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems

Paperback $20.00 + postage

What other readers had to say..

  • "It's the cheat notes for every Tony Robbin's course you've wanted to do" MJ
  • "This book is a game changer!  The frameworks within these pages are the blueprint to making permanent and lasting change and they are super simple to understand.  Jaemin knows how to help you live a life on purpose and if you really want to change your life for the better, then this book is must read.” Bryce
  • "When I finished reading this book for the 2nd time I instantly kissed it!" Mick
  • I've ready a lot of self help books, this one just cuts through all the fluff. Its like having cheat notes for every major self help topic you've come across or are experiencing. Like Tony Robbins but without all the ra ra!" Maurice
  • "In the top 5 personal development books I've ever read" Chris
  • "Great book...a must for anyone who has life coaching ideals in their blood...or even just for your own personal development. Highly recommended" Dipak
  • "Every time I pick it up I find some new pearl of wisdom! So so good." Phil
  • "A great book- should be on every coach's desk." Warren
  • "A valuable resource that I expect to return to again and again in the future." Matt
  • "It’s a book I eagerly read from cover to cover and I go back to flick through it often." Sarah
  • "Like opening up a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle and finding half the puzzle already solved. It was simply a fantastic read at the perfect time for me." Shane
  • "A must have book to reference over and over again." Jacinta
  • "Great resource tool to help map out a better version of you."Lisa




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What other readers had to say...

  • A great resource that demonstrates how small things can make a big difference in your life
  • Jaemin, this is terrific... great content!
  • Clear, fresh, gold
  • Really useful information without overload... AWESOME!!
  • Holy crap! What a give away!!! That's a whole course in itself!
  • It's such an awesome resource to keep in front of you.



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