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Do you want to be great at creating LASTING change?

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"The 12 game changing principles used by the worlds best coaches"

When it comes to facilitating lasting change and genuine transformation, here are the top tools used by the leaders in the personal development industry. 





Coaching is such an exciting and dynamic skill set. Yet, one of the interesting things about being in an unregulated industry is that there is such a wide range experiences people have when they encounter a coach. 

Here are a few key distinctions about the style of this coach training program to help you compare it with what else is available. 

  • No behaviour management. The default change strategy for most people involves more effort, energy, discipline and focus.  Yet, behaviour is at the end of the assembly line so if you are only making changes on the behavioural level, you have to keep making the same changes every day! Lasting change always comes from dealing with the underlying belief that produces the behaviour in the first place. This coach training teaches you how to facilitate genuine and lasting transformation rather than to simply apply bandaids. 
  • The best tools for change in the game. Discover the sharpest, most powerful tools for facilitating lasting transformation


  • Creating massive leverage for change by correctly setting up the coaching space. You can have the best tools, yet use them in the wrong context and do more damage than good. 
  • You have to smoke what you are selling! This is not a course designed to give you tools to hide behind and then try to fix everyone else. This will primarily be a personal development experience for you first and THEN out of the overflow of your own change journey you get to be useful to others. 





 The cause of all dysfunction and madness in the world today can be directly linked to the sense of personal insecurity that drives people to prove their identity and self worth. Never before in the history of the world have we built the fabric of society on the unchecked ego! The major Political, financial systems of our world today are a prime example of this madness resulting in the destruction of the planet. 

Yet at the same time, there is a growing openness to doing whatever it takes to increase the collective consciousness of the planet and for individuals and communities alike to face their deep rooted dysfunction and bring an end to the madness. 

The insecurity project is about bringing transformational change to the world by equipping people with the best tools in the game for genuine personal development. Beyond band-aid strategies, positivity and behaviour management, the insecurity project is about getting the bottom of the issue and seeing radical transformation in the life of individuals and then as a result, a ripple effect of change into the world. 

If this mission resonates with you, join me this year for the insecurity project coach training 

  • Two 3 day training intensives (Melbourne, Brisbane, Christchurch, Colorado springs)
  • Access to online training content
  • Mentored coaching sessions
  • Collaborate with like minded individuals from around the world also working to solve the insecurity problem




High quality coaching videos equipping you with the tools, keys and insights you will need to go to the next level in your relationships, health, and finances.



  • Receive high quality support and mentoring throughout the 12 month progress from Jaemin 

  • 5 personal one on on calls

  • Mentored coaching triads

  • Unlimited email support



7 Habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey

Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems - Jaemin Frazer
Awaken the giant within - Anthony Robbins



  • Training manual PDF
  • Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems - Ebook
  • Setting up a winning week – Ebook
  • 3 bonus coaching masterclass recordings
  • The 10 day self awareness challenge
  • 8 recorded coaching demonstrations 
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"I started coach training with Jaemin after deciding to make the transition to entrepreneurialism and running my own business. Coaching was something that resonated deeply with me as a tool for applying to my own life first and then as a tool for facilitating meaningful change in others lives.

A genuinely satisfying life is spent doing what we love and the quality someone like that brings to their work is unmistakable. I've known and worked with Jaemin for several years and it's been a pleasure learning from someone who has identified their work and brings to it the level of quality that he does. I wouldn't learn from anyone else."

Will Scott, The purpose and identity coach. 


“I can see clearly now”…is the only way I can aptly describe my new found perspective, since undertaking Jaemin’s Coach Training. The beautifully packaged course content, coupled with Jaemin’s unique yet genuine style is simple to digest and guaranteed to open the doors to lasting change. If you want to become a coach and truly value the principle of facilitating resplendent change in other human beings and yourself, this Coach Training is for you.

Shane Delaney. 


For more information or to find out how to get started on the training, book a free 15 min call with Jaemin