9 Powerful presuppositions that will change your life

A presupposition is a background belief that is assumed and accepted to be true. Here are 9 of the most powerful belief statements of those who do life well. 

1. People work perfectly

You are not broken. The results you are getting in every area of life are the exact results you've designed your system to create. Every behaviour is meeting a need and every strategy has a positive intention. 

2. You love yourself

All self protection is evidence of self love. Change comes when you make peace with yourself and work with yourself rather than through conquering yourself. Self permission is far more powerful than self discipline. 

3. Your body craves health.

Health is the default. When you take the handbrake off and give yourself permission to flourish, health is where you end up. Unhealth, sickness and excess weight is serving you by protecting from what you are most afraid of. 

4. You have 100% choice

You are exactly where you have chosen to be. . You may not choose what happens to you, but you always choose your response. 

5. You only do what works

Every thing in your life that you tolerate and complain about but don't change - MUST be working for you. If there really was no payoff or reward you would have changed it already. 

6. You are not a victim

We are sense making creatures who go into the world and tell stories about our experiences. Nothing has inherent meaning except the meaning we give it. Life is not based on what happens to you but on the meaning you place on these events.  You are not just an actor in the story of your life, you are the story teller. You are the only one powerful enough to hold yourself back and the only one who can set yourself free. Therefore you are not a victim.

7. You are enough

There was a time in the history of you being you BEFORE any limiting beliefs existed or anything diminished who you saw yourself as or what you were capable of. You have always been enough. 

8. Your results are your own

You are 100% responsible for your own results and your own relationships.  You are constantly training others how to treat you by what you allow and deny. While blame and excuse may make sense, they leave you with no power to change anything. 

9. You get what you want

We each have the power to get we really want. If you don't have it, part of you doesn't want it or is not prepared to pay the price to get it.