Genuine personal development

Personal development often get's pushed way down the list of priorities. 
"One day I'll work on my stuff...When things settle down a bit, then do some more work on myself...When I've got more time, then I'll focus on personal growth and overcoming my fears." 

Yet at some point in life, you kind of realise that untill you make your own growth, health and happiness the number 1 priority, you get sucked into living life on someone elses terms very quickly. 

Here's the thing though...

Life was meant for living! You are your most important resource. Loving yourself gives you the capacity to give and receive love from others. 
Internal limtiations can be removed. Insecurities can be overcome. Limiting beliefs can be replaced. Goals can be achieved. Relationships can be improved.
Results can be turned around. Stories can be rewritten. Wounds can be healed. Lessons can be learnt. Capacity can be increased. Creativity can be enlarged. Hope can be restored. Personal power can be taken back. 
You can become the hero in your own story. 

If you have a high level of readiness for change, it would be a real privilege to serve you by taking you through the 30 day coaching process. 

Overcome insecurity with the 30 day bootcamp


Feeling Lost?

At a crossroads?  

Not where you expected to be?

Looking for breakthrough?



 Overcome insecurity with the 30 day online coaching program

Overcome insecurity with the 30 day online coaching program

Questions about the bootcamp that demand an answer...


Here are 10 important questions about the 30 day overcoming insecurity bootcamp that demand good answers. 

1. Why is it so expensive?

Simple...$995 is the absolute minimum amount of money I am willing to exchange for my time, energy, skills, experience, and knowledge to solve this kind of problem for you. 

2. Will it work?

Maybe...People often over estimate their readiness for change. Some people get scared and dance around the edges of the coaching stuff and then run away when it gets too confronting. 
However, as long as you are willing to be ready, and commit to showing up each day to face up to your reality, you cannot not find this 30 day program absolutely life changing. 

3. Online courses normally suck - Is this one any different?

Yes...I'm not trying to get out of hard work or just sell you something you don't want. 
The online coaching delivery sometimes suits people better than face to face! 
You can do each module whenever you are ready, from the comfort of your own space and be totally honest about how you are feeling. 
You receive a high level of personal coaching from me and EVERY time you submit a response, I will reply and engage you around what you've written. 
You will find me VERY accessible. 
I only have up to 10 people in each bootcamp so that I am able to provide a high level of individual coaching to each person. 
This almost forces you to keep a journal of the whole process to look back on and remind yourself of. 

4. Do I really have to face my deepest insecurities?

No...But if you don't, they will taunt you for the rest of your life until they ultimately consume you leaving you in a state of madness. 

5. Will it hurt?

Yes...This is a journey into pain not away from it. 
It will get harder before it gets easier. 
The only way out of your dysfunction is through. There are no short cuts. 

6. How much time will it take each day?

As much as you like...You could spend as little as 10 minutes, or hours if you wanted to. 
The more you give me to work with, the more I will give back in return.

7. What if I don't like it?

You will...If you don't, you can have your money back. 

8. What if I'm different from everyone else, and my problems are more complicated or unique?

You're not...The problems you are facing right are never complicated or unique. We all face the same kind of challenges in different ways, and the way forward is always simple and hard.

9. What if I can't stay disciplined enough to finish the whole program

N/A...This program has nothing to do with self discipline. Instead by doing the 30 day overcoming insecurity bootcamp you are actually giving yourself permission to flourish again. This is a VERY different and more high quality form of internal motivation than self discipline could ever be. 

2018 Bootcamp Calendar


5th Feb   -   Finished

19th March - Finished

30th April -  Finished

4th June - Finished

16th July - Finished

27th August - Finished

1st October - Finished

5th November - Current

Online coaching

The 30 day program combines a proven framework plus high quality personal coaching to get clear results fast

Replace your insecurity with confidence, clarity and peace so that you are able to make lasting progress in the areas of life that are most important to you.

  • Delivered with the flexibility of online modules

  • High quality content and proven frameworks

  • Daily coaching feedback from Jaemin

  • Weekly live group call

If you are ready to overcome your insecurities for good the 30 day bootcamp is guaranteed to get you the results you are looking for.  

This 30 Day Bootcamp has been developed to enable genuine, lasting personal transformation. It effectively combines my professional life coaching program with personal support and has the flexibility that comes with online modules. It drives  personal transformation through 

- Overcoming internal limitations in the form of doubts, insecurities and limiting beliefs
- Developing a clear sense of personal identity and purpose
- Setting believable goals and a plan for the future.


With this program you CAN transform your life in 30 Days. You’re stronger than you think


How it works

Proven professional Coaching Program via Online Modules

  • Weekly Coaching Videos

  • Daily Coaching exercises, instructions and plans

  • User friendly online platform

Personal Support

  • Daily Personal feedback & coaching on all of the answers you have submitted

  • Personal check in upon completion of the course


Additional resources

  • The overcoming insecurity flow chart

  • A free copy of "Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems

Exclusive Access to additional support

  • Weekly Q&A Group Call

  • Membership of the Find Yourself Group on Facebook





OPTION 1 - Standard:

  • Access to all the bootcamp content, videos, framework and coaching tools for 2 months

  • Daily personal coaching feedback from me for 3o days

  • Weekly group calls.

Plus a FREE Copy of my book Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems (newly released 3rd edition)


OPTION 2 -  Premium:

  • Access to all the bootcamp content, videos, framework and coaching tools for 2 months

  • Daily personal coaching feedback from me for 3o days

  • 4 Personal coaching sessions (60-90mins)

Plus a FREE Copy of my book Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems (newly released 3rd edition)



  • Access to all the bootcamp content, videos, framework and coaching tools for 2 months

  • Daily personal coaching feedback from me for 3o days

  • 4 Personal coaching sessions (60-90mins)

  • An NLP timeline session for reframing the origin of the insecurity story

Plus a FREE Copy of my book Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems (newly released 3rd edition)





How the bootcamp has worked for others


If you are considering it, just DO IT! AMAZING! Words cannot describe the impact the last Bootcamp has had on my life!

I was stuck in almost every area of my life. I'm a high achiever who is good at my job, but somewhere along the line I lost myself. My health, relationships and career were all suffering, But Jaemin skilful coached me through the 30 day transformation process and I made massive progress in every single area of my life that I was looking for breakthrough in. I am definitely back in the game. 

When I made the decision to take on Bootcamp I never knew where it would lead me. The things I have uncovered - dreams, goals, hurts and fears, have been incredibly life changing for me.  The tools I have discovered since coaching began with you have truly made the biggest difference in my life - I really cannot begin to explain it. Still plenty to keep working on and working through, but I sincerely wanted to say thank you and let you know the impact you are having. Keep doing what you're doing - it is truly life changing!


Jo Roebuck.jpg


I've really, reall enjoyed the course. 

I don't know where to start on the benefits and what I got out of it.  It's been huge for me!

This bootcamp is a huge eye opener.  A veil of unresourceful stories and limiting belie has been removed. A lens on how I used to see moments in my life, past, present and future has been switched to one of empowerment. I know what I want and why. I speak in truth as the person I want to be.  I know I am enough.  I flourish in the realisation that I have 100% choice & 100% responsibility in my relationships and how I interpret situations. This course is at times confronting, painful and challenging but it is not hard. It's a choice. This course is definitely life changing, especially the a-ha moments, and freeing to realise who I really am.

Thanks again!!!!!







For me this process was incredibly transformational. The coaching instantly helped me look at key areas of my life and having greater self awareness in them. The bootcamp helped me to understand exactly what I'm tolerating and why. I've become aware of who I've blamed and why - and realised that responsibility is 100% mine which gives me great confidence and power to now move forward! I feel enlightened and full of hope. It's like a light bulb switched on has been switched on and it keeps getting brighter as I embrace the ability to change and be all I want to be.










Jaemin, I can't tell you fantastic I think your bootcamp has been for me. Thank you. I can see this is an accumulation of many years of work in this field. It has been highly beneficial to me.  THANKYOU!! I have learned new ways to think and process things; I've written new stories about my life that will serve me well for my future; I have set goals; written affirmations; visualise a great future; manage my state better; and because of the new stories and beliefs about myself, I speak to myself well and love well. I can apply what I have learned across every area of my life. If anyone is thinking about doing this - DO IT!! I found it to be a very worthwhile investment. It was fantastic! I will be recommending it lots of people Jaemin.

Joanne Roebuck












Life changing! My life will never be the same again after doing the 30 day bootcamp. From the first week I was digging through roots that needed to be exposed and dealt with. Jaemin is such an empowering coach who cheers you on and holds a safe space for you to dig deeper and work through issues right till the end. From the second week on I was bouncing off the walls. No longer was I fatigued or weighed down. I am nicer to myself, my relationships are richer and when issues arise I know I am in control. I can decide how I will react and how next I want to write that story. As the character in my own story I am richer, stronger, happier and wiser. What I want in life I know go after with greater clarity, passion and determination. If you think you might be ready to take on the 30 day bootcamp – do it! Jump in with both feet and your whole heart. Your life will be changed forever. I will always be grateful to Jaemin for the 30 day bootcamp he has created, the investment I put into my life and the availability and resources Jaemin has shared with me. 


Honestly, the bootcamp is  such an eye opener into your own soul, and gives you the knowledge to kind of figure out who you want to be.  The perspectives I found once I took full ownership of my life gave me the ability to change my mindset from victim to winner.  The tough of this always seemed so complicated before doing the coaching, but now I've discovered that it is always simple and hard! Yet once you've got the tools and frameworks, lasting change becomes totally believable! 

Before starting the bootcamp, I was my own worst enemy, but now I'm learning to be my own friend.


I can honestly say I've made the money I spent on the Bootcamp back 4 times over in extra productivity. 

If you're ready to see change in your life this is for you! Whether you apply these techniques or not, you will now be aware of how we operate and be able to make decisions that can better your life in every situation possible that you may of thought wasn't possible. These are the missing ingredients to the cake you've been trying to cook!


Premium coaching sessions

 Life coaching with Jaemin

Life coaching with Jaemin


To fast track your results, contact Jaemin about the possibility of working one on one with him as part of the 12 month LIFE DESIGN program bring about lasting transformation in your life. 


Here is an overview of the program. 

  • VIP 30 day overcoming insecurity boot camp (online coaching program) with 4 one on one calls

  • NLP Timeline session for clearing the origin of the limiting beliefs

  • 12 Monthly coaching sessions 60-90 mins

  • 'The A Team' monthly group call (Zoom)

  • The 1 day 'LIFE DESIGN - 10x your goals' event (Sydney or Melbourne)

  • Accountability group (joined with 3-5 others who are also doing the program)

  • 3 day group retreat (Queenstown NZ)

PLUS, through the LIFE DESIGN program you have the chance to make a massive difference to underprivileged children. In partnership with World Vision's child sponsorship program, you are able to choose a child from anywhere in the developing world to support financially for a year. 12 months of child sponsorship is included on your behalf. 

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