Solving the insecurity problem

The fear of not being enough

At the core of almost every issue we face in life lies the fear of not being enough. We each crave a sense personal significance and yet inevitably seek this need to be met externally looking for validation, acceptance and approval from the world around us.

We fear we are not enough and are insecure about our value.  

Left untreated, this insecurity leads to what can only be described as madness. News reports from around the world confirm this reality every day! From Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein to Manus Island and Global warming. It's all madness!

The fear of personal inadequacy drives all dysfunctional behaviour and causes inherently good people to consistently, and against their better judgment, make choices that hurt them and those they care about.

While most people are insecure about being insecure and so will never have the courage to face this fear thankfully there is a clear framework for this most important work for those who are ready and willing.

It is entirely possible to be free of all insecurity by working through all 9 stages below. (Taken from the overcoming insecurity flow chart)

Overcoming insecurity

1. Come out of hiding

2. Letting go of blame and excuse

3. Accepting that all we have is story

4. Having a compelling vision for your life

5. Facing your deepest fear about yourself

6. Inviting a skilful guide into your life to help you be free

7. Rewriting your story

8. Internal rather than external referencing

9. Managing your state.

Let me remind you that the process of overcoming insecurity may not be easy, but neither is it complicated. The way forward is always simple and hard.