Elegantly simple solutions - Ebook

Elegantly simple solutions - Ebook


Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems - Ebook

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The book has been recently updated and republished. This is the 3rd edition. 

Get your hands on the paperback version here. $21.95 + postage

What other readers had to say..

  • "When I finished reading this book for the 2nd time I instantly kissed it!" Mick

  • "In the top 5 personal development books I've ever read" Chris

  • "Great book...a must for anyone who has life coaching ideals in their blood...or even just for your own personal development. Highly recommended" Dipak

  • "Every time I pick it up I find some new pearl of wisdom! So so good." Phil

  • "A great book- should be on every coach's desk." Warren

  • "A valuable resource that I expect to return to again and again in the future." Matt

  • "It’s a book I eagerly read from cover to cover and I go back to flick through it often." Sarah

  • "Like opening up a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle and finding half the puzzle already solved. It was simply a fantastic read at the perfect time for me." Shane

  • "A must have book to reference over and over again." Jacinta

  • "Great resource tool to help map out a better version of you." Lisa