Episode 104. 10 minute Tuesday - Reconciling disappointment

10MT Reconciling disappointment.png

One of the unavoidable costs associated with being ambitious is the disappointment, pain and perceived loss of not achieving what you set out to do. 

 Until you’ve achieved the enlightened state of the buddha, the Dali Lama or Jesus and have truly broken though into the realm of having no earthly attachments, you will suffer when things don’t happen the way you’d like them to.  Having no expectations in an unenlightened state, is simply a form of fatalistic defeatism to protect yourself from pain. 

To desire is human. To shut down desire is to dehumanise yourself. 

Disappointment is actually a normal and healthy part of the human experience. Our responsibility is to reconcile it before it creates residual pain and reduced capacity for hope and future goal setting. 

See how to reconcile your own disappointments before they diminish you in this week's episode of 10 minute Tuesday

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