Episode 21. Cameron Brown Interview

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Listen in as I chat with International Keynote Speaker · National Geographic Explorer · High Performance Coach · Founder, The Thriving Collective -   Cameron Brown

He loves training companies and high achievers in the areas of Creativity, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence. In his keynotes, he blends these topics on stage while performing on a grand piano, along with footage from his adventures around the world into a multi-sensory experience..

In May 2018, he'll be delivering a TEDx talk in Rome in front of 2,000 people at Italy's largest TEDx event. Incorprating a grand piano on stage and doing something that has never been done before 

He is also I'm officially partnered with National Geographic as an Explorer.

His  recent initiative 'The Impact Diaries' took him to 10 different countries in 18 months, resulting in speaking, coaching & training engagements across 4 continents, more than 1 million organic video views and media interviews in multiple countries. 

You can find Cameron at www.thrivingcollective.com

On Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/in/askcameronbrown/

Facebook - Ask Cameron Brown.