Episode 32. Peter Sewell Interview


Join me as I chat with Peter Sewell, an Australian, Author, coach and adventurer based in Leipzig Germany as we talk through his journey from losing everything in his life to now travelling the world and inspiring people to make the most of what they've been given. 

Peter is an amazing individual with an incredible story. 

Check out some of the cool things he has done just this year! 

• Climbed Africa's highest mountain - Kilimanjaro (5895 meters)
• Photographed Africa's BIG FIVE in the wild (My highlight was the Leopard)
• Visited 6 new countries (Georgia and Bulgaria were my favorites)
• Completed the final edit of my novel HUNTING SUSAN
• Launched a weekly email with subscribers in over 30 countries
• Planned a 6 week tour of AUSTRALIA for July/August
• Been interviewed on Television
• Organised my first photographic exhibition in LEIPZIG, GERMANY
.....and provided COACHING and training for leaders and businesses around the world

You can find Peter here:






Books mentioned:

The 4 hour work week - Tim Ferris

The 5 love languages - Garry Chapman

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki


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