Episode 65. Dave Jorna Interview

Dave Jorna. The insecurity project

Dave Jorna is an emotional intelligence expert and founder of Project Hatch - A schools based program with retreats, workshops and leadership training programs to help young people do life better. He has been working with students for over 16 years to help them create small differences in their thinking to make big changes in their behaviour and self-confidence;

Project Hatch leads young people to experience ways they can be a positive influence in the lives of others; gain emotional intelligence and mindfulness strategies to increase their wellbeing.

Dave is also the voice behind the Do Life better Podcast. https://dolifebetter.fireside.fm

In today’s episode I chat to Dave about how he began this great work by overcoming his own insecurities and he shares some fantastic insights from the world of emotional intelligence which I’m sure you’ll find super useful.

You can find Dave here: