Episode 86. Harvee Pene interview


Today’s guest is Harvee Pene; a 3x author, TEDx Speaker, host of the Inspiring Business for Good podcast and co-founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants. 

 This really was a wonderful conversation, and in fact I got choked up a couple of times as we dived deep into talking about the the things that really matter.

Harvee is such a brilliant communicator who clearly smokes what he’s selling! A couple of my favourite quotes to come out of the interview were: “Purpose eats insecurity for breakfast” and “Insecurity hates speed.”

He also talks about the value of developing 101 goals and having them clearly displayed on your fridge. Something which I have always integrated into my life to great affect.

I’m sure you’ll get so much gold from what Harvee shares on this episode.

The books mentioned on todays show are:

“You have the power to change stuff.” Daniel Flynn

“The entrepreneur revolution” Daniel Priestly

“Think big and kick ass” Donald J Trump and Bill Zanker

You can find out more about Harvee here: