Episode 75. Mike Clark Interview


Mike Clark is part of the Dent Global leadership team as the Queensland State Leader role. In the first year of his his very first business venture his partnership took a company from $1M to £11M
From there he continued to experience incredible business success, taking companies from standing start to multi-millions as well as building Europe’s largest LinkedIn training company where he secured an exclusive two year EMEA wide partnership agreement with LinkedIn and served hundreds of billion dollar brands such a Barclays, Canon, Deloitte and American Express, before his company was acquired. 

His book “How to really use LinkedIn” is due for launch at the beginning of this year.

The books mentioned on the show by Mike are:

The magic of thinking big - David J. Schwartz

The breakthrough experience - Dr John Demartini

The power of intention - Dr Wayne Dyer

You can find more about Mike here: