5 surprising and refreshing ideas to help you deal with self doubt

Self doubt can be one of the most powerful and painful obstacle to success.

Here are 5 key thoughts about how to deal with it effectively.

1. Accept that self doubt is natural and healthy. The only people who have no self doubt are those who have already given up on themselves and life. These people have opted for the relative safety of bunkering down into their comfort zones. They refuse to venture into anything new, different or risky.

If you are experiencing any self doubt, it proves you are having a go and that you are pushing the edges of what is safe, known an comfortable. If you want zero self doubt go sit on the couch and do nothing with your life instead.

2. Have a conversation with your self doubt without judgment. Before you begin, clear all tension from your body by going for a walk, meditating or practicing some deep breathing exercises. Be present for yourself. Listen to your fears and understand your concerns. Heed the warnings and wisdom from your subconscious rather than being reckless or careless.

Self doubt is your voice of reason making sure you’ve thought through your game plan thoroughly. Doubt is a gift. It allows you to stop and ask questions to make sure you’ve found the best way forward. It is fine to negotiate with self doubt once you’ve listened. It doesn’t have to stop you.

Here’s an example of how this conversation might play out.

Self doubt: “I think you’re being unrealistic about this crazy idea”

You: “Yeah you’re probably right…I’ll settle down a bit and spend more time getting this right…Thanks”


You: “Na, I reckon it’s going to be Ok. I hear what you are saying, but I’m comfortable to take a risk on this one. There is no failure only feedback”

3. Don’t take things so personally and stop taking yourself so seriously. The future of the planet is not dependant on you. Yes, you are special and unique, but the world will keep turning without you. It is not all about you. You are a merely a channel of abundance. 95% of the things you are worried about are not true and will never happen. Most people like you and are cheering you on. Give yourself more room for playfulness, curiosity and adventure. If you are always under massive pressure to get everything right all the time, doubt and fear will cripple you.

4. When in a place of doubt work from the known to the unknown. Come back to the things that you know are true (to the best of your understanding) and then move into solving questions about the things you don’t know. When self doubt takes over, it can feel like everything is uncertain in your life. Yet, this is actually never true. Reminding yourself of what you do know helps you be more relaxed about what you don’t know.

5. We crave certainty in an incredibly uncertain world. Ultimately the only way to find real certainty is to embrace uncertainty and back yourself. Continuing to affirm that you are a clever, creative and resourceful individual, who has all they need to succeed already, is a crucial part of building this internal sense of certainty. Self doubt has far less room to crowd your mind when you are operating from a place of internal certainty. 

Jaemin FrazerComment