How to finish the year well. The questions I ask myself every December.


Up until 5 years ago, by this time every year I was exhausted, flat and empty. A timely coaching conversation with my then business partner Dr Robert Holmes turned this pattern on it's head and gave me a way to guarantee I finished the year well. 

Here is the framework I now use every December to make sure I finish the year with plenty of wind in my sails. 


December questions.

1. Honesty  - Time to face up to reality. No delusion, game playing or pretence.  

·     What is the state of play in my health, finances, relationships, work/business? 

·     What am I tolerating or complaining about that is not how I’d like it to be?

·     Where have I over promised and under delivered?

·     What pain am I ignoring?

·     Where am I now in relation to where I’d hoped to be at the start of this year?

·     What’s going well?

·     What progress have I made?

·     What have been the key lessons I’ve learnt this year?

2. Resolution – Sorting out unresolved issues.

·     What is my pain telling me I need to sort out/change/address?

·     What issues are still unresolved in my life? 

·     What are these unresolved issues really costing me?

·     Is there any unresolved conflict?

·     Are there any painful conversations I’ve been avoiding?

·     Are there any unfinished projects?

·     Have I made any promises that are unfulfilled?

·     Do I have borrowed items from friends and family that need returning?

·     Are there any bills outstanding?

3. Alignment - Course corrections

·     What is success and happiness to me? 

·     What are my big goals – Health, finances, relationships work/business etc?

·     What would excite me in these areas?

·     What is my believable plan to achieve them?

·     What course corrections are necessary to align me to the kind of person I want to be to achieve the results I’m looking for?

·     What 3 characteristics describe who I am being on my best day?

·     What are my top priorities for December?

·     How will I reward myself for finishing the year well?

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