5 Things I've learnt from moving to the other side of the world

Somehow I imagined moving my family to the other side of the world to a place where we don’t know anyone and don’t speak the language, while setting up my entire business online, would be all beer and skittles…Turns out it has been a little more tricky.

It has been an amazing adventure though.

Here are the 5 things I’ve learnt from week 1 in Deutschland.

1.     Last week I felt like was doing well and at the top of my game, yet since leaving OZ, I’ve felt anxious, overwhelmed, afraid, and doubted my own ability. I’ve discovered some hidden limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know existed. I still have SO much to learn about myself, others, business and doing life well. Pride comes before a fall…There are levels and layers and after that, more levels and layers. There is ALWAYS more need for growth.

2.     State is king. Really it is…The state I am in determines the outcomes I get. There is zero point operating out of a poor state. Better to spend 3 hours managing my state if that's what it takes then spend those 3 hours struggling through work stuff. Manage my energy not my time

3.     The importance of surrender. I've had to really let go of the myth of control. I’m in a foreign country where I know so little. Ego keeps me separated and isolated and makes me believe I’ve got to work it all out on my own. It keeps me fearful and defensive.  Surrender allows me to be open and connected to the source of all life, love, creativity, abundance and kindness. Every day in the last week, I’ve had to stop, breathe and surrender.

All roads lead somewhere. You will never know exactly where they lead until you go down them. When I give myself permission not to have to know what will happen next, or exactly how things will work out, adventure happens…and it is always a treat.

4.    Great businesses are outcomes focused, not problem or remedy focused. This week I have had to decide if my message to the world would be all about a) What is terribly wrong with people that needs fixing b) How fantastic my coaching is or c) The Strong desire people have to find themselves and serving them to do exactly that.  

I chose C.

People really buy into a product ultimately because of the outcome it is going to give them. They are the hero in the story. I am just the guide.

5.    Never before in the history of the world has their been an easier time to be an entrepreneur. Facebook groups, Facebook live, messenger calls, online forums, wifi. What a ridiculously amazing thing it is that I can set up some cool stuff online that people can access from anywhere in the world, while I am anywhere in the world. WOW! And it works…




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