I'm looking for James.

I wonder if you know anyone who fits this description:


Highly motivated

Hard working

Financially savvy

Been working for the man for the last 20 years

Turned 40 recently and had a bit of a crisis.

He has put everything into serving someone else’s dream his whole adult life and had been really happy to, until now…

Feels like he has sold his soul to the system.

Something doesn’t feel right any more.

He’s restless, unsettled, and food has lost its taste.

Feels stuck. Not sure what to do anymore.

He has forgotten about following his own dreams.

This wasn’t really the picture of happiness and success he had for himself in high school.

He’s really not sure how to step out on his own and do his own thing when he’s always done someone else’s thing.

Deep down he’s afraid he doesn’t have what it takes

He’ll be absolutely devastated though if he’s still stuck here for the next 20 years.


If you know this guy, or his twin sister…I’m confident I could have a really meaningful conversation with them about how to find what they are looking for right now.


Tell them to send me an email with the subject “Hi, my name is James” 

Jaemin Frazer