25 painful things that happen when you stop being crystal clear about what you really want.

When you stop being clear about what you want:

1. You inevitably end up serving other peoples agenda for your life.
2. By ignoring and suppressing deep desire, you diminish your humanity.
3. You settle and survive. Life becomes something to endure.
4. You lower your expectations of what is possible.
5. You irradiate disappointment from your life which means you also eliminate joy.
6. You live a small life.
7. You'll die with the music still inside you.
8. You use ugly terms like "It is what it is..." and "You've gotta do what you've gotta do..." 
9. You have to work hard convincing yourself you are happy.
10. You become an entitled consumer and get very upset when others make decisions that threaten your privileges and comforts.
11. Life becomes all about comfort. 
12. You suppress the best of you which causes internal death, decay and atrophy. 
13. You end up making all decisions on the fear of what you could lose and what could go wrong.
14. You become boring.
15. You stop adding something unique and valuable to the world.
16. One day rolls into the next. Life loses it's colour and taste. 
17. Blame and excuse are your constant companions.
18. You forget what you are really capable of.
19. Anything that threatens your comfort zone creates significant anxiety.
20. You convince yourself that you are a victim of your circumstances. 
21. You constantly compare yourself to others who seem to have been given a better or easier life than you. "If only I had what they have, life would be so different"
22. You develop a range of bad habits and self-medication strategies that give you a temporary escape from the shit life you've created for yourself. 
23. Time goes incredibly slow and fast simultaneously. Each day drags on. You are always looking at the clock, but then each year is the same as the last one. Life becomes a blur. You say things like "I can't believe it's the end of the year already" I'm sure time is speeding up...Where has the time gone...10 years ago seems like yesterday...
24. You fantasise about winning lotto or getting lucky on the pokies as the solution to all your problems. 
25. You find the 6pm news scary and terrible, yet you are addicted to seeing the world as a dangerous place.