Episode 108. 10 minute Tuesday - Deep change


For most people, the idea of lasting change is the stuff of legend and fairytale. As a result, they are left to dial down their expectations of life and settle with what they’ve got rather than hoping for a better day.

However, I’m convinced that it is entirely possible to improve the quality of your life and experience deep and lasting change as long as you know how change really works.

In fact, adopting these 5 mindset shifts makes lasting change not only possible, but entirely inevitable!

  1. Self discipline - To self permission

  2. The child strategy - To the Adult strategy

  3. Behaviour management - To dealing with core beliefs

  4. Being the actor in the story - To being the storyteller

  5. Running away from life - To facing up to life

See how each shift works in this episode of 10 minute Tuesday.