Episode 30 - Sally Dooley Interview


Sally Dooley

Over a career spanning twenty years, Sally has worked with thousands of leaders and individuals in government, private and community sectors. Both as a partner with key businesses and as a director of her consultancy business she has specialised in a wide range of leadership, people management and personal development areas. Her experience working with a broad range of organisations has given her an in-depth understanding of current leadership issues and organisational challenges. Sally is a highly engaging and experienced facilitator, speaker and executive coach who builds strong rapport with her participants creating a positive and interactive learning environment where participants are enabled to create lasting change.

Sally has a Masters in Training and Development and is also an international best selling author, TEDx speaker and speaker coach.

You can see Sally's TEDx talk here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1hkaHkfFMo

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