Episode 68. Tim Dwyer interview

Tim Dwyer is a word class business growth specialist; a consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, keynote speaker and business leader. With a career spanning 25 years, Tim has worked with thousands of clients across global brands, large corporates, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. As head of Telstra’s strategy for the SME Sales division, Tim was part of a dynamic team behind the growth of a $2.4 billion portfolio.  From there he specialised as a revenue and growth expert at Shirlaws and ultimately became the CEO.

Tim is now is a group partner at Business of brand. 

This conversation was amazing. Tim shares some incredible insights about the hero’s journey, the importance of setting clear intentions rather than getting stuck focussing on the “how”, the two coexisting paradigms of fear and love, the wonder of the role of key mentors and coaches, colluding with doubters and dealing with bullies. 

I’m sure you’ll find it super useful and relevant to wherever you are at in your journey of overcoming insecurity.