Episode 67. 10 Minute Tuesday - The 7 levels of Consciousness

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Spiral dynamics, 7 levels of living, or 7 levels of consciousness (the various names for this model) is one of my all time favourite frameworks for understanding how to grow as a human being.

First created by Don Beck and Chris Cowen in the 1980’s the descriptions of each level are useful for understanding where you currently are and where you'd like to be. 

Every level is an important and healthy part of developing as a human, yet the longer you stay there without growing, the more hazardous it becomes. You can't skip levels and you can't move on until you've learnt the lessons of that level. Also, it is possible to be living on one level in a certain area of life and a different level in another area.

The aim of the game is to grow to your full potential and live in a way that impacts the world!