Episode 10. Michael Zampogna interview

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Michael is a High School Science and Physics teacher in Goulburn, NSW.

Over the last decade, he has helped thousands of students navigate their early academic aspirations and build confidence in their ability to use knowledge to achieve their dreams.

Michael has devoted his life to the sciences working in diverse technical fields of biotech and electronics. From the prawn farms of Oahu, to the high-tech offices of Silicon Valley, he is right at home in any Science laboratory.

He earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland and his Diploma of Education from Southern Cross University.

Michael is currently developing the application, ‘JetScholar.com’ to aid student growth using the ‘mastermind principle’ to promote accountability and feedback for their academic pursuits. His upcoming book ‘Inspire’ linked to the JetScholar program is expected to be available in winter 2018

When he isn’t writing lesson plans or planning science experiments, Michael can be found riding his bicycle wherever pavement can be found.

Michael can be found on:

Instagram – mrzampogna

Twitter - @MichaelZampogna

Email – mrz@jetscholar.com


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